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R4(Farpad) UAV


R4 is a hand launched back-packable small surveillance UAV with a two DOF color and IR cameras. It can perform anything a pilot can throw at it with ease and disassembles to 4 pieces .(Contact for more information)

  • Iran's first hand-launched drone.

  • The Asre Talaee Co. awarded Aero Pars a contract in 2006 to develop a low- altitude hand launched electric surveillance drone. Project manager Mahdad Emadipour and he finished the design in only two months. The result was R4(Farpad UAS).

Charastristics& Performances
Length 1.4 m
Wing Span 2.8 m
Weight 3.8 Kg
Launch Method Hand Launched
Speed max: 100 Km/ hr, Cruise: 40- 50 Km/hr
Range 10 Km
Endurance 30- 60 min
Propulsion Electric Motor, 700 W

Design by: AP Co.