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Petitioning for Exemption under Section 333

We are aerospace engineers and designers. We consult with companies and individuals wishing to apply for a Section 333 exemption and also we help you to register your drone and get N-number. The petition and filing process can be confusing. We’ve successfully navigated this process for some companies. For more information please send us email on: mahdad.emadipour@yahoo.com , Tel:310-896-1120

Repair and custom copter services

We diagnose and repair your phantom or any other types of Multi-copters you have from crashes or anything that may not be working. We offer the fastest, cheapest and most reliable repair service.

Multicopter repair service

Multi-Copter, Aerial Photography Training Courses: Theory class, Flight Training, Construction, Programming the Autopilots.

کلاس آموزش ساخت و پرواز کوادروتور در شهر پلس وردس.در اين کلاسها 25 نفر از دانش آموزان دبيرستاني آموزش و ساخت کوادروتر را تمرين ميکنند

Quadcopter design and construction class in Palos Verdes.


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